Hey, my name is Jael Umerah-Makelemi. I'm a UK based illustrator and art director. I began illustrating as I needed a creative outlet- a way for me to express the way I think and feel. My art aims to not only celebrate black women, but shed light on the issues that we often face. I also use my art to talk about mental health & promote self-care.


I have always had a deep rooted passion for fashion, so many of my illustrations infuse African patterns with bright colour contrasts. Coming from a Nigerian background and living in South London, I've grown up around so many other black individuals. I've always been fascinated by the multitude of diverse and bold personalities, who aren't afraid to express who they are through colour and fashion. This influenced me to create illustrations that are unapologetically vibrant and bold in style. My art is primarily digital, but I've been exploring hand drawn illustrations and painting.

Thank you for visiting my website, enjoy browsing and do get in touch!

Jael x